How to use Linea's Present Canvas functions

The Present Canvas functions in Linea Sketch can be accessed by tapping on the Actions icon (the three ellipsis) at the top left of the drawing canvas and consists of three functions:

  • Live Broadcast - This feature allows you to broadcast your drawing live from your iPad or iPhone to popular services such as Facebook Live, MobCrush, Perisope, YouTube and others.

  • Record Session - This feature allows you to record your drawing session, with or without sound and video, to post later to social media or to your own website.

  • Time-Lapse Video - Linea records your process as you draw and lets you save a compressed video of the result from the Crop & Export menu. You can save a 30 second version or a full movie version of your drawing session.

  • Presentation Mode - This feature allows you to mirror your canvas (without the user interface) to a TV or AppleTV via AirPlay.

Published Date: September 26, 2018