Differences between xScope on the Mac App Store and Iconfactory Website

So, I can buy xScope on the Mac App Store, or I can purchase it through the Iconfactory's website. Is either version better than the other? What's the difference there?

There are some minor, but important, differences between the Mac App Store version of xScope and the one we sell on our website.

On one hand, the Mac App Store version is purchased through Apple, so you don't have to deal with keeping track of registration codes and such. Software upgrades are also handled automatically.

On the other hand, purchases on the Iconfactory website can offer discounts for upgrades and multi-user licenses. Registration isn't as easy, but can save you money.

There are also some sandboxing issues that make the Mac App Store version not quite as functional as the version of xScope we sell on our website:

  1. The Overlay tool is more responsive in the Iconfactory version of xScope, particularly when moving around the browser window where the tool has been attached.
  2. file:// URLs can't be used to generate a full-page screenshot using the Overlay tool in the Mac App Store version. Only the Iconfactory version of xScope can perform this function.