How to use Linea's Live Broadcast feature

The Live Broadcast feature in Linea Sketch and Linea Go allows you to connect with your audience over the Internet via services like Facebook Live, MobCrush, Periscope, YouTube and others.

Here is how you get started:

  • Launch Linea on your iOS device, choose an existing drawing or create a new one from the Project Picker screen.
  • Once your drawing or blank canvas is open, tap on the More (the three ellipsis) icon at the top of the canvas and choose Present Canvas from the pop-up menu.
  • Tap on Live Broadcast from the Present Canvas menu and choose which service you would like to use from the Share Extension.
  • Follow the prompts for the particular service that you are using and begin your broadcast.

Helpful hints:

  • You will be asked to give Linea access to your iOS device's Camera and Microphone when you first choose the Live Broadcast function.
  • If you decide not to allow access to your camera and microphone when you are first prompted, you can always do so later by starting up a Live Broadcast, tapping the Live button at the top of the screen and then tapping the slider for Camera and Microphone to turn them on and off, depending on your preference.
  • Tapping on the Live button also allows you to Pause or Unpause your Live Broadcast, Share Broadcast using the standard Sharing extension pop-up or Stop Broadcasting.

Published Date: September 26, 2018