Using Presentation Mode in Linea

Presentation Mode allows you to display your sketches or artwork on an HDTV or large room projector using AirPlay Mirroring or a physical video cable and the AppleTV. This is a great way for artists, designers and educators to communicate their ideas in a conference room or large audience setting.

NOTE: You must have an AppleTV in order for Presentation Mode to work.

Here's how it works -

  • Open Linea on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Open a sketch you want to present or start with a blank canvas.
  • Tap the Actions menu at upper left of the canvas and then tap Present Canvas.
  • Tap and make sure that Presentation Mode is turned ON.
  • From Control Center, tap on the AirPlay Mirroring button and choose the AppleTV you want to use as your mirror device.

Once you turn Presentation Mode on, Linea's Tools & Layers and Color palettes are now hidden and the black bars on the sides disappear to match the native 16:9 ratio of your display.

To stop mirroring, simply open the Control Center again and turn off AirPlay Mirroring.