Setting Up AirPlay 2

Triode is fully compatible with AirPlay 2 – making it easy to get your favorite stations on all devices in your home.

On Triode's "now playing" screen, you'll see an AirPlay icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. (On tvOS, you'll need to swipe up to reveal the icon.)

After tapping on the icon, you'll see a screen that lets you select where to play the current station. Any device that's compatible with AirPlay is shown in the list, including Apple TV and HomePod.

You can also get to the AirPlay selector from an iPhone or iPad home screen using Control Center. Just swipe down to show the music remote control, then tap on the AirPlay icon.

NOTE: Apple doesn't support AirPlay 2 on macOS, it's only available in iTunes and Apple Music.