Linea Sketch for iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

What are the keyboard shortcuts for Linea Sketch for iOS?

The following list shows keyboard shortcuts that can be used while Linea Sketch is active and a physical keyboard is attached or paired with an iPad.

Drawing Tools
T: Technical Pencil
A: Art Pencil
P: Pen
M: Marker
W: Watercolor Brush
B: Blending Tool F: Fill Tool E: Eraser
/: Switch to Previous Tool

Command-0: Toggle Annotations On/Off
Command-1: Layer 1
Command-2: Layer 2
Command-3: Layer 3
Command-4: Layer 4
Command-5: Layer 5
Command-Up: Activate Next Layer Above
Command-Down: Activate Next Layer Below
Command-]: Bring Layer Forward
Command-[: Send Layer Backward
Command-E: Merge Layer Down
Command-Delete: Clear Layer

Command-Z: Undo
Command-Shift-Z: Redo

Tab: Hide/Show Panels R: Reset Canvas
Command-L: Lock Canvas
Command-Shift-H: Flip Canvas Horizontal
Command-Shift-V: Flip Canvas Vertical
Command-W: Close Project