Exporting your artwork from Linea

Linea for iOS offers several options when you decide it's time to take your artwork to a different device or App.

To get started, tap the ellipsis (the three dots) icon located at the top left of your canvas. When you do, a pop-up will ask you if you want to "Share Canvas" or "Crop and Export".

When you choose "Share Canvas", the stand iOS Sharing dialog will present you with your available options, including:

  • Sharing the canvas with another device via Air Drop
  • Sending the canvas to someone using an App such as Messages, Mail or Adding to Notes
  • Saving the canvas as an image to iCloud Drive, Photos and more.

Remember, when you choose "Share Canvas", whatever you have drawn will be shared as a flattened PNG file.

If you choose "Crop and Export, a new view will show that allows you to choose the various file formats available to you:

  • PNG (Transparent)
  • PNG (Flattened)
  • JPEG
  • PSD (Photoshop)

You can also turn On and Off the Grid/Template as well as the Background Texture you were using for you artwork if you choose.

If you want to Crop your artwork when exporting to PNG or JPEG formats only. Crop your artwork by dragging the circles you see at each of the four corners.

Here's what to expect from each image format:

  • PNG (Transparent) - All visible layers in your artwork against a transparent background (the checkerboard)
  • PNG (Flattened) - All visible layers are flattened down into a single layer
  • JPEG - All visible layers are flattened to a single layer and saved as a JPEG.
  • PSD - All Layers visible or not saved out to a layered Photoshop document