How To Back Up Linea Projects & Sketches

It's always a good idea to back up your important digital documents to head off unforeseen hardware problems before they become an issue. A good rule of thumb is if you would be upset if a piece of data was lost forever, then it should be backed up.

Backup Via iCloud

There are several ways to back up the work you create with Linea for safekeeping. The first way to make sure your artwork is safeguarded is to enable iCloud support within Linea itself. When you turn iCloud on, the app uploads all of your projects and the sketches contained therein to your iCloud account where they can be accessed on additional devices and even via iCloud Drive.

Open your iCloud Drive and look for the Linea folder. If you schedule a regular backup of your Mac's HD, be sure to include this Linea folder. You'll sleep better knowing your hard work is safe and sound and can be restored at will should needs be. In addition, when iCloud support in Linea is turned on, you can recover deleted sketches by logging into for up to 30 days.

Via Encrypted Backups

If you choose not to enable iCloud support in Linea Sketch, another way to safeguard your work is to simply schedule an encrypted backup your iOS device to iCloud on a regular basis. When your iPad or iPhone is backed up to iCloud, all of your Linea documents and data are included in the archive. When you restore your device, all of the sketches and projects that were present at the time of backup will be restored to your device and you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

Quick and Easy

No matter how secure iCloud backups are, it's always best to make your own backups from time to time. The easiest and simplest way to do this is to simply locate the Linea folder within your iCloud drive folder and copy it to your Mac's desktop. From there run ZIP compression on it and put the resulting archive someplace safe. This way if iCloud loses your data you have a manual copy you can restore at any time. We personally run this procedure once a month and we sleep much better knowing our Linea work is safe and sound.