Controls: Ollie Soars

Ollie Soars supports touch, gamepad, and keyboard controls.

The objective of the game is to fly as far as you can around the world, collecting Rubees and Jade Flys all while avoiding the various obstacles and barriers you encounter along the way. How many sights can you see?

This game has two primary input actions: "flap" and "dive". Flapping causes Ollie to climb while diving causes him to drop quickly. Your objective is to use these actions to avoid the obstacles while collecting as many gems and bonuses as you can.

For touch input, the screen is divided into two halves. Touching anywhere on the right side of the screen will trigger the "flap" action whereas the left side of the screen triggers the "dive" action. You can either tap quickly or tap and hold depending on what you want to achieve or whatever is more comfortable for you.

Gamepad input has a variety of mappings for each action. To "flap", you can press or press and hold the gamepad's (A) button, or the d-pad's UP button or push UP on the left thumbstick. Likewise, to "dive" you can use the (B) button, the d-pad's DOWN button, or push DOWN on the left thumbstick. Feel free to use any combination of these that you're comfortable with.

Keyboard input has several keys mapped to each action so you can choose whichever you prefer. To "flap" you can use the UP arrow key, the W key, 8 on the keypad, or the spacebar. To "dive" you can use the DOWN arrow key, the S key, 2 on the keypad, or the shift keys. You can either tap the keys rapidly or tap and hold them.