Reinstall watchOS app when PURCHASED is greyed out


If you're trying to reinstall one of our watchOS apps (such as "Now Playing Plus" or "Tot Mini") and see PURCHASED greyed out in the App Store on your iPhone, that's because you need to reinstall using the App Store on your Apple Watch.

On your watch, find the App Store app in the grid or list view, then launch it. At that point, you'll see a search field at the top where you can type or dictate a search. We suggest using "Iconfactory" because it's less likely to have dictation errors.

After you locate the app, tap the icon with the cloud & arrow to reinstall.

Unpair and Repair

If you are having problems with communication between the watch and iOS unpairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone and repairing can fix these issues.

More Help

If you continue to have problems, check out the following support article for hints on how to deal with other watchOS issues: