The shortcut isn't working properly. How do I fix it?

If the shortcut has been modified or has been damaged in some way, you can get a new copy from Wallaroo's settings. Tap the gear icon, then "Install Shortcut".

Follow the instructions and "Replace Shortcut" if you're prompted.

In some cases, you may need to "reset" Shortcuts. To do this, remove the "Wallpaper from Wallaroo" shortcut from the Shortcuts app. Then restart your device and follow the instructions above to re-install using Wallaroo's settings.

If you continue to have trouble, or if the shortcut refuses to set the Home and or Lock Screen, ensure first that your iPhone is set to use the very first entry in the iOS wallpaper picker interface. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Lock your iPhone and tap it to wake.

  2. Force press the screen to enter the wallpaper picker interface

  3. Select the very FIRST entry in the picker, the one labeled "PHOTOS". If any of the others are currently selected the shortcut will not work

  4. Exit the Wallpaper setter and use Wallaroo to set the wallpaper once again

You may find that setting just the iOS Lock Screen fails with the shortcut and if that happens, select the option to set "Both" the Lock and Home Screen wallpapers in Wallaroo and adjust them as needed. Unfortunately Apple is constantly updating (and breaking) the ability of the shortcut to set the wallpaper properly on iPhone.

The shortcut should function perfectly on iPad however. :-)