Linea Sketch 2 for iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

What are the keyboard shortcuts for Linea Sketch 2 for iOS?

The following list shows keyboard shortcuts that can be used while Linea Sketch is active and a physical keyboard is attached or paired with an iPad.

Drawing Tools
T: Technical Pencil
A: Art Pencil
P: Pen
M: Marker
E: Eraser

Layer Tools
Command-1: Layer 1
Command-2: Layer 2
Command-3: Layer 3
Command-4: Layer 4
Command-5: Layer 5
Command-]: Bring Layer Forward
Delete: Clear Layer

Editing Tools
Command-Z: Undo
Command-Shift-Z: Redo
R: Reset Canvas
Command-L: Lock Canvas
Command-Shift-H: Flip Canvas Horizontal
Command-Shift-V: Flip Canvas Vertical
Command-W: Close Project