Mirrored Computers Not Displaying On Devices

Sometimes my Mac won't show up in the list of hosts in xScope Mirror on my mobile device. What's wrong?

If your mobile device (iPhone or iPad) has trouble seeing xScope for Mac on the network, there may be Bonjour issues that need to be corrected in order for the Mirror app to function properly. The way to know if this is happening is the following:

1) Launch xScope on the Mac

2) Launch xScope Mirror on your mobile device

If you don't immediately see the name of the computer in xScope's list of potential hosts, try cycling wifi off then back on. If you then see the mirrored computer, this indicates a potential Bonjour problem on your network. The entire network will have to be powered down and then turned back on in order to reset Bonjour and get xScope and xScope Mirror back up and running correctly.

For an in-depth look at Bonjour troubleshooting and why it occurs, check out Craig's blog post on discoveryd.