Disabling the Gun in Crosshairs in xScope

There is an Easter egg in the Crosshairs tool in xScope that fires a gun while holding down the Command-Option-Control keys. This can get in the way of other system-wide hot keys. To disable the bullet holes, quit xScope and in Terminal use the following commands, depending on which version you're running.

For xScope 4, enter:

defaults write com.iconfactory.mac.xScope generalAmmo 0
defaults write com.iconfactory.xScope generalAmmo 0

For xScope 3, enter:

defaults write com.artissoftware.mac.xScope generalAmmo 0
defaults write com.artissoftware.xScope generalAmmo 0

Then restart xScope and the key combination will be ignored. To re-enable the Easter egg, change the "0" in the commands to "1".