My Station Isn't Listed in "Find a Station"

Not all stations are listed in the public database we use for "Find a Station". If you don't see your favorite station in Triode (or if some of the station info is listed incorrectly), the easiest thing to do is make sure that the station gets added to the database at:

If you're technically savvy, you can do it yourself using the station's name and streaming URL. The URL for a station typically ends with .pls, .m3u, .mp3, or .aac. Don't use an .html or .php page because that's the station's web player (and won't be usable by Triode and other streaming apps.) You can also supply an image URL for the station in the database and Triode will display it.

Another alternative is to contact the station's technical support email and ask them to add the information. Send them a link to this page and they should be able to figure things out.

We will update the database in the app periodically, typically every few weeks.