Upgrading xScope

I own a previous version of xScope. Is there some kind of upgrade path, or will I have to buy the application again?

Yes, the upgrade fee is $24.99 for registered users of xScope. You can upgrade your version by going to https://xscopeapp.com/order. Once there, select the type of license you already have, then click "Upgrade Discount" and enter the information needed from your previous order in order to get the upgrade discount.



If you need to lookup your previous registration information as well as purchase date, use our lookup page: http://iconfactory.com/software/lookup

What about upgrading my version 3.X at the Mac App Store to v4.X?

If you purchased xScope 3.X from the Mac App Store, there is no upgrade path from v3.X to v4.X due to the lack of support for paid upgrades in the Mac App Store.

You can however cross-grade from a v3.X xScope purchase made in the Mac App Store to v4.X sold directly by us.

Please forward or screen capture your receipt from the Mac App Store as proof of purchase and email it to us at orders@iconfactory.com. We will send you a serial number for 3.X that you can then use to do a paid upgrade to version 4.x via the steps above.

Once there, click on the dropdown menu and select xScope 4 (Upgrade) and then click Update Cart and proceed as you normally would.

Multi User Licenses Upgrade from previous xScope versions to xScope 4.X

5 User Licenses - $99.99
10 User Licenses - $174.99
20 User Licenses - $299.99
30 User Licenses - $374.99

Please contact us at orders@iconfactory.com regarding 40 User Licenses and up.