Transferring Linea sketches from one iPad to another

Sometimes you or a member of your family will sketch on one device and would then like to transfer their creations to a separate device. There are multiple ways to do this but the easiest is if you own at least one Mac.

Here are the steps:

1) On the first Mac with your own iCloud ID signed in, open your iCloud drive folder. Inside you will see a Linea folder and inside of that will be folders representing all of the projects you have created on your iPad. Individual sketches are contained within.

2) Copy the individual project folders containing the sketches you wish to transfer to the desktop. If you don't want to transfer an entire project you can copy individual sketches but ensure sure you COPY them and not move them.

3) Compress the copied files up as a ZIP file and name them something that is distinguishable. It's important to ZIP the files before transferring them. If you don't they can get munged by simply moving them to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

4) Use a file transfer service like Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer this zipped archive to the other mac that is signed in with a second Apple ID (iCloud). If you don't have a Mac running a separate Apple ID, you can always sign out of iCloud and re-sign in with the new account to make the transfer.

5) Unzip the archive and move the individual project folders into the new Linea folder in iCloud drive.

Launch Linea Sketch on the new iPad and you should see the projects there. Sketches may need to be downloaded and synced. Just tap the little download arrow on a sketch or via the Project Actions menu to download them all at once.

Once you get your sketches moved over you can delete them from the original iPad if you wish but don't do that until you're positive they've been transferred successfully.