Why is xScope sharing my screen?

In macOS Sonoma, Apple added a new mechanism to show when screen sharing is active. You may notice that there is now a blue icon in your menubar when your screen is shared in an app like Zoom, FaceTime, or Webex.

This icon also appears when you're using one of xScope's tools that samples what's on the screen. Screen sharing is the only way in macOS to capture what's on your desktop.

The Loupe and Dimensions tools sample the screen all the time. The Screens, Rulers, Mirror, and Crosshairs use the screen depending on the tool's settings. When you take a screenshot with any tool, you will also be using screen sharing.

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn this feature off. It's done in the name of privacy, so the warning is permanent. Also, when you click on "Stop Sharing", the sharing doesn't stop and will reappear eventually. If this frustrates you, please let Apple know. We already have.

Finally, when xScope is capturing the screen, the images are discarded as soon as they are presented in the tool. We do not (and will never) let this data leave your Mac.