Linea 3 Purchase Policy

During the early days of personal computing, it was common for software to be passed around or shared freely between friends. To support the cost of building their apps, developers utilized unlock codes that could be purchased by mail or over the telephone. If you didn't have a code, the software may refuse to run after a limited time, restrict access to some features entirely, or impose inconvenient interruptions.

With Linea Sketch 3, we opted to display a persistent banner, periodically present a reminder to purchase the app and add a branded watermark to exported artwork but otherwise not restrict access to any features or impose a free trial time period. This means that the app is fully functional without any purchase, but at the cost of interruptions and advertisements - just like some old-school shareware titles from the days of yore.

Buying Linea Sketch eliminates the interruptions and the banner ads.

There are two ways to buy Linea Sketch:

  1. A subscription (monthly or yearly)
  2. A one-time purchase (removes reminders for the lifetime of the product)

This differs from Linea Sketch 1 & 2 which were paid apps on the App Store.

Linea Sketch 3 is a new product, but there are some perks for recent customers:

*If you purchased Linea Sketch anytime from January 1st, 2019 to April 7th, 2020, then you will receive a free year of use with banners, ads and watermarks removed.

If you fall within this purchase period and are still seeing these reminders in Linea, open the in-app Settings > Purchase and tap RESTORE PURCHASE to remove them.