Color Values in xScope's Loupe

The Loupe isn't displaying the color values that I set correctly. What's going on?

In version 4.1, the Loupe tool has gained the ability to work with different color spaces using the Working Color Space item in the menubar. Many apps and development environments use color management, but unfortunately there's no standardization on the color space that's used. If you need accuracy when sampling, you'll need to pay attention to which space is being used by the app that's displaying the color. You can find out more about Working Color Spaces in the Loupe section of xScope's Help window.

If you're using a version of xScope prior to 4.1, the Loupe tool displays the color that is actually being shown on screen, not the color that you set in your design. You'll have to take your monitor calibrations into account when selecting colors. For example, while you may know the color of an element in your design is #ffffff, that may not be what your screen is currently displaying. Since xScope reports what color is actually being shown on-screen, there may be a discrepancy between what you set as the color and what shows up in the Loupe.