Tooltips in Loupe and Frames in xScope 4

When I take screenshots with Frames or view an area of the screen with the Loupe in xScope 4, I don't see menus or tooltips. How can I fix this?

To screenshot everything within a frame or the Loupe, open Terminal and enter the following comnmands:

defaults write com.iconfactory.mac.xScope generalScreenshotEverything 1
defaults write com.iconfactory.xScope generalScreenshotEverything 1

When you use these commands to enable the Screenshot Everything mode in xScope 4, the following changes will occur:

• Screenshots taken in Frames or the Loupe will include tooltips.
• Any selected Guides or Frames will appear above the Loupe.
• Tooltips for colors in the Loupe palette will not be visible.
• Colors dragged out of the Loupe palette won't be visible until after they're no longer underneath the Loupe's window.

If you ever wish to disable the Screenshot Everything mode, open Terminal and enter the following commands:

defaults write com.iconfactory.mac.xScope generalScreenshotEverything 0
defaults write com.iconfactory.xScope generalScreenshotEverything 0