Updating/Installing Twitterrific 4.5 (iOS)

I'm still using Twitterrific 4, but I can't find the update in the App Store. How do I access it?

Since Twitterrific 4 is no longer for sale in the iOS App Store, it will not show up in your Updates tab, even if you have it installed on your device. To update, launch the App Store app on your iDevice and go to the Updates section. Tap on "Purchased." Find Twitterrific in the list of applications and tap the "Update" button to install the 4.5 update.

Updating to 4.5 on iOS

Okay, but I deleted Twitterrific 4 from my device, and I want to install it again. How do I find it?

Much like updating, you can re-download Twitterrific 4 by opening the Updates tab in the App Store and tapping on the Purchased section. Scroll until you find Twitterrific, tap the download button and input your iTunes password to reinstall the application on your device.

If you receive an error from the App Store saying that Twitterrific 4 is no longer available, delete the previous version from your device and redownload it by following the instructions listed above.

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