Muffling in Twitterrific 5

Does Twitterrific 5 have a muting/filtering feature?

Yes, with version 5.1 of Twitterrific 5, we've introduced our version of muting filters, which we like to call muffling. Muffling does not remove filtered tweets from your timeline entirely, but instead minimizes them, out of the way of your reading experience. Muffled tweets appear as a single line in your timeline, describing what has been hidden. This lets you to scroll through your filtered timeline while still allowing you to interact with filtered tweets if you wish.

So how do you use muffling? To hide certain users, links, or hashtags from your timeline, simply tap the "..." button on the tweet and select the "Muffle..." option from the action sheet. From there, simply select the item in the tweet you wish to muffle. If you wish to take a peek at a muffled tweet, simply tap on it. You can remove a muffle setting that is hiding a tweet by tapping and holding on the muffled tweet. These muffle settings are account-based and are synced through iCloud between devices running Twitterrific 5.