Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitterrific (iOS and macOS)

What are the keyboard commands for Twitterrific for iOS and macOS?

The following list shows keyboard commands that can be used while Twitterrific is active and has a physical keyboard attached. Keep in mind that all key commands are context sensitive which means they change depending on the current view you are looking at.


Media Viewer

Left / Right: navigation
Esc / Return / CMD-W: close viewer
Spacebar: toggles visual controls on/off (iOS)
Up / Down: toggle center stage (iOS)
R: rewinds to the starting tweet (iOS)

Composing Tweet

CMD-Return: send tweet
Return: add newline

Composing Direct Message

Return: send message
CMD-Return: add newline to message


Up / Spacebar: select newer (up) item
Down / Shift-Spacebar: select older (down) item
CMD-Up: scroll to newest (top)
CMD-Down: scroll to oldest (bottom)
CMD-Shift-R: refresh
CMD-F: find (in-timeline)


Right: open item's links
Option-Right: open item's links in background
Left: show discussion for selected item
Option-Left: show thread participants
Return: show attachment - media / quoted tweet
CMD-R: reply to selected item
CMD-C: copy link or selected text
CMD-Shift-C: copy body text
CMD-Shift-T: translate selected item
CMD-L: toggle like
CMD-E: toggle retweet
CMD-Shift-N: quote tweet
CMD-Shift-U: show selected item's author profile
Backspace: delete and edit item (if yours)
CMD-Shift-Backspace: delete item (if yours)

Unsaved Search Timeline

CMD-S: save search


CMD-T: new timeline (mac) / accounts (iOS)
CMD-N: compose new tweet or direct message
CMD-0: show today view
CMD-1: show home timeline
CMD-2: show mentions timeline
CMD-3: show direct messages
CMD-4: show likes
CMD-5: show lists
CMD-6: show saved searches
CMD-Shift-F: find on twitter
CMD-Shift-M: show/edit muffles (iOS)
Option-Tab: change to next account
Option-Shift-Tab: change to previous account
CMD-Option-1 (to 9): change to account 1, 2, 3, etc


CMD-W: close popup or window
Esc: close popup
CMD-B: back (whenever there's a nav stack)
Control-Tab: next tab
Control-Shift-Tab: previous tab
CMD-,: settings / prefs
CMD-Control-F: toggle window fullscreen (mac)


CMD-C: copy @screenname
CMD-R: new reply (mention)
CMD-D: new direct message
CMD-1: show recent tweets
CMD-2: show mentions
CMD-4: show likes