Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitterrific (iOS)

What are the keyboard commands for Twitterrific for iOS?

The following list shows keyboard commands that can be used while Twitterrific is active and has a physical keyboard attached. Keep in mind that all key commands are context sensitive which means they change depending on the current view you are looking at.



Command-N: Compose new tweet/message (depends if showing tweets or messages timelines)
Command-0: Show today
Command-1: Show home timeline
Command-2: Show mentions timeline
Command-3: Show messages
Command-4: Show likes
Command-S: Show searches
Command-M: Show muffles
Command-Comma (,): Show settings


Command-W: Close popup
Tab: Change tabs in popups with tabs
Command-[: Go back to previous view within popups that have a navigation stack


Command-R: Reply/mention user
Command-D: Direct message user
Command-1: Show recent tweets for user
Command-2: Show mentions of user
Command-4: Show likes for user

Photo viewer:

Command-W: Close
Spacebar: Close
Left/Right: Navigate between photos if there are multiple


Option-0: Show all (resets filters so all event types are enabled)
Option-1: Toggle like filter
Option-2: Toggle retweet filter
Option-3: Toggle follows filter
Option-4: Toggle quotes filter
Option-Shift-1: Show only likes
Option-Shift-2: Show only retweets
Option-Shift-3: Show only follows
Option-Shift-4: Show only quotes


Up/Down: Navigate tweets
Command-Shift-R: Refresh
Command-F: Toggle Find

(when a tweet is selected in a timeline)

Command-R: Reply
Command-C: Copy Text
Command-T: View thread/discussion
Command-U: View author’s profile
Spacebar: Open media viewer (if tweet has a thumbnail)
Command-Shift-C: Copy link to tweet
Command-Shift-F: Toggle like
Option-R: Toggle retweet
Option-N: Retweet with comment
Command-Shift-T: Translate

When composing a direct message:

Return: Send message
Option-Return: Insert newline in message

When composing a tweet:

Command-Return: Send tweet