Gesture Shortcuts in Twitterrific (iOS)

What gestures can I use in Twitterrific?

Starting with Twitterrific 5, there are a number of new gestures that you can utilize to make your experience reading tweets even more enjoyable:

Application-Wide Gestures

• Two-finger swipe left or right to switch between dark and light themes.
• Dismiss a popup view by dragging downwards on the navigation bar.

Compose Screen Gestures

• Tapping and holding on the camera button quickly attaches the latest photo.
• Remove an image attachment by tapping on the image you'd like to remove, then tap the X button that shows up on top of it.
• Turn on geolocation for all tweets per account - Tap and hold the location button.
• Tapping on the character counter and then tapping on the “X” button that shows up next to it will clear the tweet.
• You can cancel out of autocompleting usernames partway through by tapping the "@" symbol on the keyboard.
• Single-finger swipe to adjust cursor position by letter.
• Tap and hold on a draft's copy button to copy a saved draft to the clipboard without inserting the text.
• Tap and hold on the drafts button to copy the text from the topmost draft in your list into compose.

Timeline Gestures

• Pulling downward on the timeline will refresh your Twitter stream.
• Swiping from left to right on a tweet will open a compose screen to reply to that tweet.
• Swiping from right to left on a tweet will open the Discussion view for that tweet.
• Swiping from the left edge of the screen will open the sidebar.
• Tapping and holding on the sidebar button will bring up the accounts screen.
• Tapping and holding on the retweet button will retweet with comment.
• Tapping and holding on links, usernames, and hashtags will bring up a context menu for copying the item or opening the item in the in-app browser.

From the home timeline

• Replace navigation tabs - tap and hold the tab in the navigation bar.

Sidebar Gestures

• Tapping and holding on the Theme button will reset the application’s themes to the factory defaults.

Photo Viewer Gestures

• Tapping and holding on the image will bring up a context menu for copying or saving the image, or opening the image in the in-app browser.
• Drag downwards to dismiss the photo view.
• Swipe left and right to navigate between multiple photos
• Swiping back and forth over an animated gif in the photo viewer will scrub back and forth through the animation.

Browser Gestures

• Tap the bottom of the screen to show the toolbar when it is hidden.
• Tap and hold the mobilizer button to set mobilizer to always be enabled.