Automatic Refreshing in Twitterrific (iOS and macOS)

How do I enabled automatic refreshing in Twitterrific?

Twitterrific on both iOS and macOS supports automatic refreshing of tweets. Twitterrific refreshes the timeline automatically approximately every 3-4 minutes. On the Mac, if you wish new tweets to automatically appear at the top of the timeline, be sure to head to Preferences > General and turn on Keep Timeline Pinned to Top.

After enabling automatic refreshing from within Twitterrific's in-app settings, new tweets will load to your device on an ongoing basis, updating your timeline after someone you follow posts a new tweet. If you have automatic refreshing enabled, and you are at the top of your timeline, Twitterrific will continue to keep your timeline scrolled to the top as new tweets are added. If you do not wish to keep your timeline scrolled to the top, you can scroll the top tweet out of view, and Twitterrific will hold your place as new tweets are streamed to your device.