What does TURBO do?

In the first beta version of Twitterrific 5 for macOS, our Kickstarter backers got a fun little feature called TURBO. This early version didn't do anything but play a funny sound and link to a page on Wikipedia.

(The funny sound, recorded on a PowerBook 540c and edited using SoundEdit is a wooden spoon being dragged over a serrated plastic tube and sped up slightly. Also of interest is the PowerBook's code name: Blackbird. That's the same as our iOS application, which was the foundation for the macOS product. This sound was also used in an Easter egg when you clicked on Ollie in the About box of the world's first Twitter app.)

With each beta release, we tried to make TURBO do something different and fun. Sometimes the sound changed ("We've got a chicken!") or maybe the text was slightly off (much like the CHOCK himself.) We eventually added the spinning animation that you see in the final product. Beta testers loved it, and so did we.

When you enable TURBO, you not only get a great sense of personal satisfaction, there are also some unique features:

  • When you compose a tweet with exactly 140 characters, you get to hear Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch say "Twoosh!". This is another throwback to both our first Mac and iOS apps.
  • When you view the About box, Ollie does a flip as the credits start to roll, and when they finish.
  • You get bigger lasers in the About box. DUH

We recommend TURBO highly.