Twitterrific 6 Purchase Policy

During the early days of personal computing, it was common for software to be passed around or shared freely between friends. To support the cost of building their apps, developers utilized unlock codes that could be purchased by mail or over the telephone. If you didn't have a code, the software may refuse to run after a limited time, restrict access to some features entirely, or impose inconvenient interruptions.

With Twitterrific 6, we opted to display a banner ad and periodically present a reminder to purchase the app but otherwise not restrict access to any features or impose a free trial time period. This means that the app is fully functional without any purchase, but at the cost of interruptions and advertisements - just like some old-school shareware titles from the days of yore.

Buying Twitterrific 6 eliminates the interruptions and the banner ads.

There are two ways to buy Twitterrific 6:

  1. A subscription (monthly or yearly)
  2. A one-time purchase

This differs from Twitterrific 5 which had varying purchasing options and free upgrades throughout its long history:

  • Twitterrific 5.0 was first released as a paid app on December 5, 2012 for $2.99 USD. The price remained at $2.99 for over a year - until March 25, 2014.

  • On March 25, 2014, Twitterrific 5.7 switched from a paid app to a free app with in-app purchases and a banner ad. The in-app purchases unlocked features individually and hid the banner ad. Unlocking all features using the bundle option cost a total of $4.99. Customers who purchased Twitterrific when it was still a paid app were given the bundle for free - which means that customers that paid $2.99 prior to March 25, 2014 effectively received a free upgrade at the time.

  • In June of 2016, we released Twitterrific 5.14.4 which added Ollie's Tip Jar - an optional way to support ongoing development of the app. The tip jar appeared in the sidebar and never pestered anyone or drew attention to itself. Customers could purchase a tip in one of several different amounts and the jar would become hidden for a month or so. Every customer saw the tip jar appear, but there was no requirement to use it - and most people did not.

  • A monthly subscription option was added to Ollie's Tip Jar in February, 2017. It was initially priced at $0.49/month and then later increased to $0.99/month in early 2019 in preparation for the migration to Twitterrific 6. Once again, the tip jar was entirely optional and the vast majority of customers never used it as a result.

Twitterrific 6 is a new product, but there are some perks for long-time customers:

If you were subscribed to Ollie's Tip Jar in Twitterrific 5, then that subscription will continue unchanged as a standard monthly subscription to Twitterrific 6 with all of the associated benefits.

If you purchased any of the feature unlocks or bundles introduced in Twitterrific 5.7 or later, you will not see banner ads in Twitterrific 6. You will also be less frequently interrupted and asked to purchase - but you will still be asked from time to time.

If you never purchased any of the Twitterrific 5 in-app unlocks or if you purchased Twitterrific 5 prior to March 25, 2014, then you will see banner ads and purchase reminders while using Twitterrific 6.

If you just recently purchased Twitterrific 5, fear not - Twitterrific 5 in-app purchases will count as a full Twitterrific 6 "unlock" for up to 6 months from the date of your purchase. Six months after your purchase, the banner ads will remain hidden, but you will begin to see occasional reminders to fully purchase Twitterrific 6.