Share Sheet Extensions in Twitterrific (iOS)

How can I enable sharing services in Twitterrific for iOS?

To enable sharing services in Twitterrific, first bring up a share sheet by tapping and holding on a tweet, link, or hashtag.


From there, tap on the More button with the ... symbol in the middle section of the share sheet. You should then see a list of services you can enable.


Toggle the service you wish to use on from this list. If the service you're looking for is not in this list, then it doesn't hook in to iOS's extensions system yet. You'll want to contact the developer to ask them to support sharing extensions.

Once you have the service enabled, you can tap the Done button to return to the share sheet. You should see the service you want to use in the middle section, like Pushpin is in the image below.


Tap the service you wish to share the tweet, link, or hashtag to and you're off to the races!