Twitter just announced a new feature, when will you support it?

As a third-party developer, we are entirely dependent on Twitter's public API (Application Programming Interface) to access any of the features that the service (Twitter, Inc) provides to its users. Twitter does not share information about new features with us before they announce them to the public.

What this means is, once Twitter does announce a new feature, we have to research whether it's available for us to use via the public API or if Twitter has decided to keep the feature exclusively for its own use in the official Twitter client and through Increasingly, Twitter has decided to keep new feature exclusive to their own platforms, preventing developers from offering them to their users.

While we want to support as many of the features that Twitter makes available through its service as we reasonably can, it may not be possible without access to the public API. Some examples of APIs that Twitter has not released to third party developers include:

  • Polls
  • Moments
  • Group Direct Messages

When we have clarification of whether or not Twitterrific will have access to new Twitter features, The Iconfactory will announce the news through our official Twitter feed - @twitterrific

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