How to Access Crash Logs and Database Files (iOS)

I'm having crashing issues and you've asked me to send you my database files. How do I go about doing that?

You can extract your database files and other debugging information using the following procedure:

  1. Ensure that Twitterrific is not running by entering the multitasking switcher (double tap home button) and then swiping up on Twitterrific to dismiss it.

  2. Go to twitterrific://debug using Mobile Safari.

  3. Wait for the app to build the debug package, and then use the sharing button to export the package or email it to us at

  4. Once you've sent off your files, to exit the debugging mode, kill Twitterrific manually and relaunch it normally.

Don't worry about us keeping your data, we'll use these files purely for diagnostic purposes and then get rid of them.