How do I create a tweet thread using Twitterrific? (iOS and macOS)

A tweet thread, also known as a tweet storm, are a series of tweets linked together by a common author that lets the author expound on a thought beyond Twitter's 140 character limit. They are typically on a single subject and can consist of just a few tweets or dozens, all chained together.

Here's the process for creating a tweet storm (tweet thread) using Twitterrific:

1) Compose your original tweet and post it to Twitter. People typically append a "tweet" number to chained tweets to let others know how many there will be in the series. If you don't know the total number of tweets, you can append something like 1/, 2/, 3/ to the end of the tweet to indicate a series.

2) Self-reply to the tweet you just posted and compose the next tweet in the chain. Post this tweet.

3) Repeat step 2 until all the tweets in the series have been posted.

When people load any one of the tweets in the chain, all of the rest will also be displayed as part of the thread.