Editing Tweets in Twitterrific (iOS and macOS)

What is the feature called "Delete and Edit Tweet" and how does it work?

For situations where you want to quickly edit a sent tweet, we've added the Delete and Edit Tweet action. When you select this action, Twitterrific immediately deletes your original tweet and redisplays the compose screen with the text of your tweet already filled in. We find this particularly useful for quickly fixing typos that are sometimes not caught until after you hit the send button. You may want to avoid using this action on older posts, as it will delete the original tweet and any of its favorites or retweets along with it.

Be aware that any images you had included with the original tweet will need to be re-attached before you re-post the tweet. We do this to ensure the image wasn't the reason you deleted the tweet in the first place. Better to be safe and have to re-select the image than re-post a potentially embarrassing photo twice.