Editing Lists in Twitterrific (iOS and macOS)

How do I edit lists in Twitterrific?

Twitterrific for iOS allows you to create new lists and add and remove users from currently-existing lists.

To create a new list in Twitterrific, start with the first user you want to add to that list. Open the user's profile, and select Manage in Lists from the options menu (gear icon). This opens the user's List Management screen. From here you can add them to a new list or append them to an existing list.

To edit a list, open its timeline and tap the List Options button at the top of the screen. Some lists may instead show a disabled Subscribed List button. These are lists from other users that you've subscribed to. If you wish to stop following a subscribed list you must log in and unsubscribe from the Twitter website.

NOTE: The macOS version of Twitterrific does not currently have the ability to edit or save lists so you'll have to visit Twitter.com to manage your lists via the website for the time being. This is a feature we'd like to add to the Mac client at some point however. Stay tuned.