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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new in the latest version?

Take a gander at the latest release notes.

Why can't I change Mac App Store application icons?

Due to Apple security controls and code signing, it appears that customizing Mac App Store apps will cause them to stop auto-updating. Since disabling auto-updating is obviously less than ideal — software updates are important! — we're currently disabling these icons from customization while we investigate.

How do I change the Open Folder icon?

The Open Folder is no longer a separate icon in Mac OS X. The Open Folder icon must be bundled into the Generic Folder icon itself, as something called an "OpenDrop" variant. Some icon sets may already feature this, and tools like Icon Builder let you add "OpenDrop" states to icons.

I have an iContainer, now how do I change my system icons?

An iContainer is a package of icons, ready to use. Double click an iContainer to import the icons. Then, if the iContainer has any built-in system replacement icons, a Use These Icons button will appear in the collection header — click that button to set the system icons automatically. Now, click Apply Icons, and you’re set!

If the Use These Icons button is not enabled, the iContainer may not have any system-tagged icons. That's OK: you can still drag and drop icons up into the “Change” area one at a time. (You can also, as always, drag icons from the Finder.) Once you’re happy with your icons, just hit Apply Icons.

How does CandyBar work, behind the scenes?

CandyBar is not a “haxie”, and is only running when it’s open. CandyBar works its magic by replacing the special icon and graphics files that the Mac OS X system uses on your hard drive. When you restore an icon or graphic, CandyBar simply puts back the original file in its original place, good as new. That’s it!

I still have Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger! Can I get CandyBar 2?

Sure thing. [You can download CB2 right here.][8] And if you need a serial number for CandyBar 2, purchase a copy of CandyBar 3 and check the bottom of your CandyBar 3 e-mail receipt — we've also included a complimentary serial number for CB2.

I'm having trouble activating CandyBar! It says I have no internet connection!

Do you run software such as Little Snitch, Norton, or some other type of firewall that would block outgoing internet connections? If so, please disable it temporarily so CandyBar can talk to our activation server.

Why can't I change iCal's icon?

iCal's Dock icon is dynamic, therefore a little trickier to change. We hope to add support for this icon in a future version of CandyBar.

I changed some icons in CandyBar, but my changes aren't showing up in the Finder / Dock.

Sometimes the system takes a while to notice changes to icon files. If relaunching the Finder or Dock isn't enough, try restarting your Mac once or twice. If that still doesn't help, try changing those icons in CandyBar again. Apple is aware of this bug, and we await a fix in a future version of Mac OS X.