Connecting Astronut for iPad to the Remote

How do I connect Astronut for iPad to my iPhone/iPod Touch's remote?

To connect Astronut for iPad to the remote, first open Astronut on your iPad and your iPhone/iPod Touch. Once both apps have launched, tap the "Remote" button in Astronut for iPad. You should see a list of the devices running Astronut appear on-screen. Tap on the device that you wish to connect to, and accept the connection in the dialog that appears on that device. After that, you should be ready to blast off into the great unknown!


If you're having issues making a connection between your iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, first attempt force quitting both apps and relaunching them. You can do this by bringing up the multitasking tray, tapping and holding on Astronut's app icon, and then tapping the red button that appears.

If this doesn't fix the issue, check to make sure both your iPhone and iPad are on the same network. For example, if your iPad is using Wi-Fi and your iPhone is on 3G, you won't see your iPhone listed when you tap the "Remote" button. You'll have the fewest problems if your iPad and iPhone both connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you're attempting to play the game over Bluetooth, make sure it is enabled on both devices. You can turn on Bluetooth by opening and tapping General -> Bluetooth.