Astronut Strategy Tips

It's a dangerous universe out there! If you're having trouble proceeding through the depths of space, follow these helpful tips to jump your way to safety!

Boosting is a great way to burst through an enemy in your path or to safely escape the clutches of high gravity. The boost button can be pressed at any time, even from a planet's surface, but it does require a short cool-down time to recharge before it can be used again. Tap quickly for a short burst or longer to cover large distances.

Guardian Shields protect you from being harmed by enemies for a short time but they will not save you from the harsh environments of planetary or celestial bodies. Additionally some objects such as black holes will rob you of your shields immediately. Beware!

Hang time bonus points are only earned when you travel upwards. The further you jump without touching a planet the more points you will receive. Boosting negates hang time so for maximum points, be careful not to boost in the middle of an epic jump!

Getting to the top of the leader board can be a challenge. Try starting your game from system 1 to build up maximum points before reaching the higher levels to improve your chances of becoming number one.

Planet Hoppers will track you down relentlessly until you are dead, but they'll turn tail and run once you pick up a Guardian Shield. Try and use this to your advantage on the higher systems.

Not all achievements are visible to the naked eye. Be sure to explore the entire game to unlock hidden goals and earn extra achievement points in Game Center.