Using Muffles to Avoid Spoilers & More

How can I use muffle rules to avoid political topics, movies and TV spoilers?

Muffle rules can certainly help limit your exposure to spoilers of your favorite movies and television shows as well as politics and other topics on Twitter. We regularly create muffle rules that our users can save to Twitterrific to go in fresh when watching the latest episode of The Mandalorian for example or the premiere of the latest Marvel motion picture.

We've created a list of some of the more popular muffle rules here for you with the most recent at the top. We'll continue to update this list as new rules are created to try and help you avoid those stupid spoilers.

Simply click the link to the muffle rule you want to add to Twitterrific. It's as easy as that. You can also copy the script itself to modify it if you think it could be improved then paste manually into Twitterrific.

Movie Muffle Rules

I Know Kung Fu - Stay out of The Matrix with this muffle rule tailored to prevent spoilers of Matrix Resurrections (2021).

I Know Kung Fu :: \b((agent) smith|the matrix|matrix resurrections|Morpheus|Merovingian|Trinity.+Neo|Neo.+Trinity|(red|blue) pill)|#MatrixResurrections

Spidey Sensed - Try and avoid spoilers about Marvel's 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home. Good luck!

Spidey Sensed :: \b(spidey|spider.?(man|verse)|no way home|(dr.?|doctor) strange|aunt may|peter parker|(dock?|dr.?|doctor) ock|(dock?|dr.?|doctor) Octo|web.?sling)|#SpiderManNoWayHome

Avenge The Spoilers - Avoid spoilers about Marvel's Avengers movies

Avenge the Spoilers :: \b(avengers|infinity (war|stones?)|thanos|hulk|thor|black widow|doctor strange|dr.? strange|iron.?man|spider.?man|star.?lord|groot|drax|the collector|gamora|eitri|loki|t.?challa|black panther|captain america|steve rogers|heimdall|asgard|tony stark|bruce banner|steve rogers|gauntlet|ragnarok|ant.?man|captain marvel|endgame|ronan|the Accuser|Quantum Realm|hawkeye|Barton|kree|skrull|mar-?vell?)\b|#AvengersEndGame|#Endgame

Infinity Mufflet - More specific rule targeted to help avoid spoilers about Marvel's Infinity War & Endgame films

Infinity Mufflet :: \b(avengers|infinity (war|stones?)|thanos|hulk|thor|black widow|doctor strange|dr.? strange|iron.?man|spider.?man|star.8?lord|groot|drax|the collector|gamora|eitri|loki|t.?challa|black panther|captain america|heimdall|asgard|tony stark|bruce banner|steve rogers|gauntlet|ragnarok)|#AvengersInfinityWar|#InfinityWars?

Chewbacca Defense - Defend against spoilers for the Rise of Skywalker from Lucasfillm

Chewbacca defense :: Star\s?Wars|Rise of Skywalker|Skywalker|Episode\s*IX|First Order|Jedi|Sith| #TheRiseOfSkywalker|#StarWars|#EpisodeIX|#Episode9|star-wars|of-skywalker

Television Muffle Rules

The Notease Falcon - Avoid spoilers about Captain America and The Winter Solider TV series.

The Notease Falcon :: bucky|captain\s*america|hydra|winter\s*soldier|endgame|falconandwintersoldier|zemo|sharon\s*carter

The Mandalignorian - Baby Yoda doesn't want you to get spoiled on Mando's latest adventures

The Mandalignorian :: \b(Mandalorian|IG-?11|Cara Dune|baby yoda|the child|beskar)\b|#TheMandalorian|#Mandalorian|@themandalorian

Make It No - Picard says avoid spoilers for his TV series on Paramount+

Make It No :: StarTrekPicard|Picard|7.*of.*9|jean.*luc

Superb Owl 53 - Muffles any and all tweets about Super Bowl 53

Superb Owl 53 :: super\s*bowl|LIII|brady|quarterback|halfback|fullback|zeroback|wholeback|babygotback|half\s*time|rams|patriots|touch\s*down|field\s*goal|yard\s*line|end\s*zone|superb\s*owl|maroon\s*5|spongebob|Mercedes.*Benz

Political Rules

Stay Home - Muffles tweets about the COVID pandemic for when you just need to take a break.

Stay Home :: \bcovid|coronavirus|quarantine|lock.?down|pandemic|infectious|isolation|contagious|plague|social.?dist|n95|virus|outbreak|crisis

Miscellaneous Rules

Facebook Stories - Muffle tweets with links to Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories :: facebook\.com/story\.php

Old Man Yells at Cloud - Muffles any tweet posted in all caps

Old Man Yells At Cloud ::: ([A-Z]+\s+){3,}([A-Z]+)

Has Link - Muffle tweets with a link.

Has Link :: \.(com|net|edu|org|uk|co|us|news)

No Java - For when you don't want to read about Java, but still want to read about Javascript.

No Java :: \W(java)\W

One Link - Muffles tweets that have just one link in them.

One Link :: ^\s*\S+\.(com|net|edu|org|uk|co|us)\S*\s*$

Too Many Mentions - Hide tweets with 8 or more mentions.

Too Many Mentions :: (@\w+\s*){8,}

Too Many Hashtags - Hide tweets with 3 or more hashtags.

Too Many Hashtags :: (#\w+\s*){3,}