Uploading Multiple Media Attachments in Twitterrific (iOS and macOS)

Something went wrong with my multi-image media upload. What's the deal?

We're really excited to be offering the ability to upload multiple media attachments in tweets! However, there are some limitations to this feature that you should know about if you're having trouble:

• If you're uploading media to Twitter's picture service, you can only attach a maximum of 4 images to an individual tweet, since that's the current limit that Twitter has set. • You can't upload multiple animated GIFs to a single tweet. Twitter will reject those tweets and you'll get an error in Twitterrific in return. Only one GIF per tweet! • You can't upload an animated GIF alongside other media. Twitter's image service can't currently handle multiple types of media attachments. If you try to do this you'll get an error as well.

So, if you're running into problems uploading media, make sure you're not doing any of those three things. If you're just trying to upload one or more static images or just a single animated GIF and are still having trouble, feel free to contact us at support@iconfactory.com!