Upgrading the Macheist free NanoBundle to Twitterrific v4 (Mac)

How do I upgrade my copy of Twitterrific v3 from the Macheist's free Nanobundle to v4? The Iconfactory's registration database doesn't contain any records for those who acquired the free NanoBundle and so the online form to look up serial numbers at the Iconfactory won't work.

The Twitterrific 3.x serial number that Macheist issued NanoBundle owners is still valid however and is necessary when upgrading to version 4. Twitter changed the login method at the end of June 2011, version 4.2 released in early June 2011 will work with this new requirement. NO previous version of Twitterrific can log in to Twitter!

NanoBundle owners can purchase either from the Mac App Store, or directly from Iconfactory. Instructions are below:

MAC APP STORE: The paid version of Twitterrific from the Mac App Store is available for USD $4.99 and no upgrade information is required for purchase. This is a full ad-free version. More information:

Twitterrific at the Mac App Store

DIRECT: A discounted upgrade (USD$7.95) to version 4 directly from Iconfactory with NanoBundle T3 serial number in hand:

Direct from Iconfactory

Please make sure the name used when upgrading is exactly the same as the name used for MacHeist. Otherwise, it will be rejected.