Syncing Timelines Across Platforms & Devices (iOS and macOS)

How do I sync my timeline on Twitterrific across different platforms?

Twitterrific can use iCloud to sync your timeline position. Whenever you switch away from viewing your timeline - such as when you change focus to a different app, switch to a different timeline, or quit Twitterrific - Twitterrific will mark the topmost visible tweet as your current position and send that location to iCloud. Next time you launch or bring Twitterrific into focus on any platform, the app will restore your saved position, so you can start reading right where you left off.

To make use of timeline syncing on Mac, open Twitterrific's preferences by going to Twitterrific > Preferences in the menu bar. There under the General tab you can set the settings for Sync Reading Position.

To enable timeline syncing on iOS, open Twitterrific's in-app settings from the sidebar. From there, you can open the Timeline Sync section, where you'll be able to choose how you want timeline syncing to behave.

The "Show Marker" setting will place a purple ribbon marker on the tweet that was saved as your current position, but will not change your timeline position.

The "Scroll to Marker" setting will place the marker and also automatically scroll your timeline to that position. This setting is recommended so you don't have to manually scroll and look for your synced position

NOTE: For syncing reading position to work correctly it is critical that iCloud Drive is enabled on each device you wish to use. On iOS devices, also verify that iCloud is allowed for Twitterrific in addition to enabling iCloud Drive.