Restoring a Previously Purchased In-App Upgrade (iOS - version 4)

I've previously purchased my in-app upgrade in Twitterrific 4, but need it again and/or want to apply it to another device. How do I do this?

If you've already previously purchased the in-app upgrade in version 4 of Twitterrific, simply tap the Restore Purchase button and when prompted, enter the same iTunes account information you previously used to purchase your upgrade. iTunes will recognize that you already own the package and let you reinstall the update free of charge. This also goes for restoring your upgrade on one mobile platform, like iPad and needing to input it in another, like iPhone.

If you need to redownload version 4 of Twitterrific itself, you can find it on the purchases tab on the App Store for the iTunes account you used to download it originally. If you have not previously purchased the in-app upgrade in Twitterrific version 4, then unfortunately that upgrade is no longer for sale.