In-App Purchases in Twitterrific (iOS)

I've downloaded Twitterrific for free on the App Store, but I don't have push notifications or tweet translation. What's going on?

Twitterrific is a free app to download and try. The app now features in-app purchases to enable push notifications and tweet translation and remove ads. You'll find these in-app purchases in the Advanced Features section in the sidebar.


The push notifications feature allows your device to register to receive notifications of activity on your account, including mentions, direct messages, favorites, retweets, and new followers. Push notifications must also be purchased and enabled for Twitterrific's Apple Watch application to perform properly. Tweet translation lets you translate any tweet into your language, allowing you to read posts from all over the world. Disabling advertisements will remove the small ad we've placed above your home timeline.

If you purchased a previous version of Twitterrific 5 and you do not have these features when you install the latest version of the app, you can go to the Advanced Features section in the sidebar and press "Restore Previous Purchase" to enable these features at no cost to you. When you restore your purchase, make sure you use the same Apple iTunes ID that you previously used and the advanced features will re-enable once your purchase is restored.

I purchased Twitterrific back when it was a paid application. Do I have to buy these in-app purchases too?

If you purchased Twitterrific 5 before it became a free application, you do not have to purchase the in-app purchases. When the application launches it will ask you for your iTunes password to check which version you first purchased. If you purchased the application before version 5.7 but during or after version 5.0, entering your iTunes password when the app prompts for it will unlock in-app purchases.

How can I tell if I've unlocked the in-app purchases in Twitterrific?

If you open the sidebar (like in the image above) and do not see an Advanced Features sidebar section, that means that you have either purchased all in-app purchases in the past or you bought the app back when it was a paid application. If this is the case, then you've unlocked all available in-app purchases. Happy tweeting!