Hiding Twitterrific's Dock Icon (Mac)

I'm having problems with Twitterrific that occur when I hide the Dock icon. Can you help?

We offer the ability to hide the Dock icon as a courtesy due to user requests. Be aware that, once you remove the Dock icon, Twitterrific's menubar icon will also disappear (making many features of Twitterrific inaccessible).

We do not offer support for any issues arising from hiding the Dock icon in Twitterrific, as it is not a functionality supported by OS X natively. If you're having issues arising from hiding Twitterrific's Dock icon, your best course of action to solve the issue is to turn it back on.

If you choose to hide the dock icon in Twitterrific, and have the application in your startup items, it can sometimes cause the dock two display two icons. See this article for more information: http://support.iconfactory.com/kb/twitterrific/why-i-am-seeing-two-twitterrific-application-icons-in-the-dock-mac