A Guide to Center Stage: Twitterrific's Media-centric Timeline (iOS)

How do I use Center Stage on iOS to browse media apart from normal tweets?

Center Stage is a dynamic and fun way to browse tweets that contain only media in your timeline.

To access Center Stage simply tap the Center Stage icon either at the top of the timeline just below Compose or when viewing any image or GIF from the media viewer. When in the media viewer, the Center Stage icon appears in the lower right of the screen.


Once in Center Stage mode, the accompanying tweet is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Swiping left or right while in Center Stage allows you to quickly browse the selected timeline from one media entry to the next, skipping all tweets that don't contain an image or GIF. Center Stage is a great way to keep tabs on image-centric searches you may have saved or just ignore tweets that don't include dynamic media.

To quickly exit Center Stage just tap the body of the tweet text at bottom or tap the Close (X) button at top. Once you leave Center Stage, the timeline will be positioned at that exact point and all the intervening tweets will be marked as read. If you want to return to the original reading position you were at prior and not mark the intervening tweets as read, then tap the Rewind icon to jump back to your starting position before leaving Center Stage. Rewind lets you browse media freely without losing your current reading position so you can go back and re-read normal tweets if you wish.

Additional Center Stage Gestures & Controls

While in Center Stage a single tap on the screen hides the Close, Rewind and image paging controls so you can focus on the image at hand. You can swipe between tweets with the controls hidden and then single tap again to bring them back. Swiping downwards on the screen while in Center Stage de-activates it and returns you to the standard media viewer.

Center Stage can be fully navigated via external keyboard including browsing forwards and backwards in the timeline with the arrow keys, CMD-W to close Center Stage and the R key to rewind. To get a full list of keyboard commands, simply hold down CMD to view the help overlay while in Center Stage mode.

Center Stage is available from any tweet or timeline that contains media, even conversations and user profiles! When you tap an image on a user's profile, you'll immediately be taken into Center Stage mode where you can quickly browse back through that user's media history. Finally, tweets in Center Stage are color coded for easy reference, as they are in all of Twitterrific's timelines.